Freelance and Domestic Helper Platform via LINE Integration

Case Study: Freelance and Domestic Helper Platform via LINE Integration

The gig economy, characterized by short-term contracts or freelance work, has seen exponential growth worldwide, driven by digital platforms that connect freelancers with potential jobs. A company aimed to harness this growth by providing an online platform specifically designed for part-timers and domestic helpers, facilitating job matching with customers in need of their services. To differentiate themselves in a competitive market and leverage widespread use of LINE as a primary communication tool, the client sought to integrate their system with LINE’s Front-end Framework (LIFF), offering a seamless chat and network experience. However, the client’s lack of technical expertise presented a significant barrier to achieving this vision.


Product Description

The proposed platform was envisioned as a comprehensive online marketplace for part-timers and domestic helpers, offering an intuitive interface for both job seekers and employers. Key features of the platform included:

    • Job Matching:

An intelligent system to match part-timers and domestic helpers with customers based on skills, availability, and location preferences.

    • LINE LIFF Integration:

Utilizing LINE’s LIFF to embed the application within LINE, enabling users to access services without leaving the chat app, thus providing a seamless user experience.

    • Communication Tools:

Integrated messaging and notification systems to facilitate direct communication between job seekers and employers, streamlining the hiring process.


Client Challenge

The client’s primary challenge was the absence of in-house technical expertise to develop and integrate such a complex system with LINE’s LIFF. This challenge was compounded by the need to ensure a user-friendly experience on a platform that users were already familiar with and frequently used. The client required a technical partner to provide a turnkey solution that included development, integration, and comprehensive documentation to support future maintenance and scalability.



To address these challenges, our team proposed a multi-phased development approach, centered around ReactJS for frontend development and seamless integration with LINE’s LIFF module. The solution entailed:

    • Technical Consultation and Planning:

Initial consultations to understand the client’s vision, user needs, and technical requirements, followed by the development of a detailed project plan.

    • ReactJS Development:

Utilizing ReactJS to build a responsive and dynamic frontend, ensuring compatibility with LINE’s mobile and desktop versions for a consistent user experience across devices.

    • LIFF Integration:

Implementing the LIFF module to embed the platform within the LINE app, allowing users to access job listings, communicate, and manage their profiles without leaving LINE.

    • Documentation and Training:

Providing comprehensive documentation on the system’s architecture, features, and integration points. Our team also liaised with the client’s in-house technical staff, offering training sessions to ensure they were fully equipped to manage and extend the platform.



The deployment of the platform marked a significant milestone in the gig economy, offering an innovative solution that leveraged the widespread use of LINE among users. Key outcomes included:

    • Enhanced Market Access:

The platform provided part-timers and domestic helpers with unprecedented access to job opportunities, significantly expanding their potential market.

    • Streamlined Communication:

The integration with LINE facilitated direct and efficient communication between job seekers and employers, enhancing the efficiency of the hiring process.

    • User Engagement:

By embedding the platform within a familiar app, user engagement increased, with both job seekers and employers appreciating the convenience and simplicity of the integrated experience.

    • Technical Empowerment:

The client’s in-house team was empowered with the knowledge and documentation to manage the platform, ensuring its long-term sustainability and scalability.


This project exemplifies the power of innovative technical solutions to transform traditional marketplaces, addressing specific regional needs and behaviors. By leveraging popular communication tools like LINE, combined with advanced web technologies, we delivered a platform that not only meets the current needs of the gig economy but is also poised for future growth. This case study highlights our commitment to delivering user-centric solutions and technical excellence, driving digital transformation in the workforce marketplace.

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